5 Qualities of successful (only) football bettor – Part Two

3) Courage

Bet on the team, against which the majority relies most bettors, requires a certain portion of courage. However, if you want to really succeed in betting, you’ll be wearing the required lot of courage have found. Smart betting against betting public is likely to earn a lot of money, as we mentioned in the article How to conduct affects the public betting strategy? Betting against the public, and to maximize profits.

Do not be afraid to bet on the underdog (if you are called for in the analysis or when you see good opportunities in the betting value). In the long run this way – with proper procedure – earn enough money.

4) Planning

Some people say that planning makes betting boring activity, but the truth is that proper planning is a very important component to achieve long-term success.

Do proper planning usually falls creation of an adequate bankroll and betting strategies. This procedure will strengthen its discipline. If you have a clearly defined plan, it will be easier to resist a variety of ways of thinking in situations where you can not (or vice versa you are doing too much).

A good betting strategy protects your bankroll from bankruptcy and also allows you thanks to wins (reasonable pace) to increase the size of bets. The best solution here is flat betting, a strategy in which each tip you bet the same amount of money – typically 2% bankroll.

Other useful bankroll management An appropriate factors include the identification of financial goals – you specify how much you want to earn in a given season. However, there remember that your goals should be realistic. If you have unrealistic goal, gradually come frustration, which will have a negative impact on your thought processes and emotional well-being.

Finally, the Council in this case is simple – to create a plan and stick to it.

5) Patience

Patience is purely a question of your mind. If you have built the above characteristics of successful bettors, should you no longer depend on whether or not to bet on the next game, because it is always just around the corner next match. You do not have to bet on every game. Every day you have hundreds of betting opportunities, so you have to hurry. Choose a betting opportunity where you can gain an advantage in some way

Patience helps overall discipline. Reminds you of the fact that you do not win all the money at once. There’s always the next game, the next day and the next season. If this fact to understand that you will be able to avoid unnecessary risks.