5 Qualities of successful (only) football bettor

Whether you are betting on football just as a hobby or vice versa livelihood, you want to win. Unfortunately, however, you are never 100% sure of success (although sometimes I get there fairly close, especially when you have enough information). Your success betting, however, can increase the appropriate manner of behavior – if you assume certain characteristics of successful (only) football bettors, in the long run will earn significantly more money.

In other words, you do not always win the battle, but eventually win the war. That’s why in today’s article we will focus on five properties that you definitely should learn.

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1) Discipline

Undoubtedly the most important feature of any successful punter. Without discipline may otherwise successful bettor in a single day to lose what he had laboriously earned even an entire year. Without discipline, even punters can get into debt to them ruin your life. Surely you understand that in the long run without discipline can never end up in profit.

Discipline is actually betting will follow their procedures – no matter what emotional state of mind at the moment are.

Discipline bettors is tested in various ways:

“Absolute certainty” about the fact that your bet on the match wins. Punters have in such cases tend to risk a huge amount of money, which is due to reasonable bankroll management An stupidity.

Despair of a string of unsuccessful bets. Bettors often think that just next tip will already be correct, and that if it bet a lot of money, tighten the loss, to which previously received.

Sense of invincibility after a successful series. In such moments punters refuse to believe that they could lose influence which again will proceed to bet large sums.


Stupidity (which often comes hand in hand with greed).

Although sometimes you can temporarily fail to make a profit even without discipline, but such moments only lead to the strengthening of your bad habits, which in the future will pay 100%. In the long run without discipline win.

His discipline can reinforce implementing a successful bettors following properties:

2) Diligence

Before installing Always perform a thorough analysis. Sadly the reality is that most bettors does not have enough information to make an absolutely accurate analysis (such analysis can usually perform only those lucky ones who have their sources within the club), but even so, you can perform a thorough analysis greatly increase your chance of success.

With the advent of online betting can be found on the internet a tremendous variety of information about development teams, matches etc. Of course, sometimes you take into consideration your intuition, but still no punter reached long-term profit by betting purely by their intuition. Careful analysis is the foundation of success.

The good news is that analyzing games you quickly gets into the blood. Avoid common mistakes but bettors – a lot of people after a successful series of analyzes. Punters in a given moment think that you simply can not lose, they are brilliant and so forth.

If you really do not want or can not perform betting analysis, find at least a good source of analysis and tips. In this case, be sure to check into our Tips section for football and analyzes actual matches.